The Pandas Pound roadmap is full of exciting things as we continue to evolve as a community of crypto enthusiasts, including future expansions to our community Coin and Metaverse. The biggest goal is to help each our holder earn money in crypto. We will achieve this by educating people and sending the decision vital information about crypto investments as fast as it is possible. The next goal is to build a brand blockchain product with top benefits for our community. We will get there sooner or later.

Level 1:

Launch the collection

Launch the initial collection of 1,699 Pandas Pound to the world. The active marketing for the project. Keeping contact with the community over Twitter while we prepare the safe infrastructure for the Discord and prepare more educational materials.

Level 2:

Community Social Environment

Creating the Discord Environment for safe social interactions among the holders including our team. Bringing the free educational materials for our community.

Level 3:

$ Startegy

After we finish building our educational part of the project we will start creating sending the ideas that can help community members earn money. Our team will publicly announce all the ideas we will invest. The idea behind is to create transparent way to earn all together. Together we are much more powerful than alone.

Level 4:

Enlarging the community

Each good crypto project has its own tokenomics. We will launch our own tokenomics that will be used in the future projects therefore increasing in value over time.