🐼 How can I buy a Pandas Pound? Is there a limit?

You will be able to mint it on the mint website the day of the sale. The price of each PandasPound is 0.4 SOL for the regular price.

We recommend Phantom or Sollet wallet.

You can mint as many Pandas Pound as you want, but for a fair drop, it’s limited to 1 Pandas Pound per transaction.

🐼 Where can I see my NFT after the mint?

You will be able to see it directly in your wallet after your mint.

We will be listed on the main marketplaces shortly after the end of the sale.

🐼 What can I do with my Pandas Pound?

Owning a Pandas Pound gives you the right to use it as you wish. You can use it as a profile picture or put it in a visual museum. You will be part of The family and each owner will get a share of the PandasPound DAO.

Stake it and get rewards for holding it!

Earn Tokens and exchange them to get Solana.

🐼 What is the DAO?

It's a Decentralized Autonomous Organization driven by the community. Each owner will have an equal share and voice in proposal, decision and treasury.

The PandasPound DAO will gain more value :

- 100% of the secondary market royalties

🐼 Tokenomics?

The total supply is 1,699.

7% pre-mint:

• 5% for the team

• 2% kept in reserve for marketing purpose

73% for Frenchies owners

20% for the public sale

🐼 More questions?

Reach us on Twitter.